HLMD “Expanding Worlds”

Medial Exhibition Design

Our team at Traumwelt was asked to manage the entire medial conception and production of the Hessisches Landesmuseum’s special exhibition EXPANDING WORLDS (10-9-15 – 11-22-15), under the auspices of Federal President of Germany, Joachim Gauck.

The exhibition combined the original discoveries of early and prehistoric humans of five global regions. Thus, it presents some of the chief witnesses of the history of mankind in Darmstadt. Take, for example, the Neanderthal sceleton, a type specimen that gave name to the Neanderthals.

Our Interpretational Design encompassed an atmospheric audio installation as well as six screens that featured expert interviews and clips circling the secrets of human history. Dialogues with six of the world’s most renowned experts in the field of paleoanthropology also led us abroad – to London, among other things.

Projekt_HLMD_07Projekt_HLMD_15Projekt_HLMD_08Projekt_HLMD_14   Projekt_HLMD_10 Projekt_HLMD_11

„Fossils are mute – we interpret.“ Our focus was to orchestrate the complex context in an entertaining way: What distance has the history of mankind covered to this day? And what can the findings actually tell us today? By using a high-quality graphical design in creating the interviews and by successfully selecting our key themes, we managed to create media that fascinate the viewer. Our medial amplification of the precious exhibits helped them reach a maximal efficacy.

Exhibition Media “Expanding Worlds”

  • Client: Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt
  • Director: John Pistauer
  • Camera: Sebastian Weitbrecht, Maurice Blucke, Dominik Schwegler
  • Editor: Katrin Sikora, John Pistauer
  • Sound Installation: John Pistauer, Andreas Hoppe – Z-Achse
  • Technicians: Traumwelt