Research & Development

Exploration ∙ KnowledgeInsight ∙ Effort

Prepared for the media of the future, we know that brands are received best when they are staged instead of described.

Our world is evolving rapidly: The technological evolution that saw former head-high computing centers evolve into pocket-size tablets has taken place over a technological period of a whole era. Virtual Realities are expanding and new frontiers are being staked out. The Internet of Things is the word in everybody’s mouth: We are surrounded by a digital universe and intelligent objects are a part of our everyday reality.

Multimedia, augmented reality, CGI, VFX, Web 4.0, Big Data – new technologies open up great opportunities. One doesn’t need to oversee the whole of them at all times – but it is important to know someone who does. Someone who understands and masters them. Someone who knows how and when which story must be told.

Content meets Technology


How do we communicate at present and how will we communicate in the future? When do we say what, and why do we say it? A company seeking to create media that reach people must ask itself the right questions. And it must understand and interpret the signs of the times.

The Traumwelt team’s strength lies in its fusion of strategy, creativity and technology. We are the ones who will convey your message accurately – and we can do so because we are aware of the current demands on communication, and because we master the increasing media diversity and complexity. They are our everyday life.

Background & Basis

Research ∙ PlanConception ∙ Production

The start-up of every new technology is its development process. In order to efficiently reach our goals, we have developed an innovative management process and the matching software tools to see it through. This enables us to recognize what you need – and to develop it even if it hasn’t been there before.

Our basis for this is an extensive background check that precedes every new project, in which we conduct research into the hard facts and gather the necessary expertise. This textual know-how is then combined with our creative and technical skills. Our working method is based on the strategy of cloud-computing, enabling us to set up networks that link all the disciplines in the Traumwelt company.

This enables us to offer a wide range of services from consulting to conception, from software engineering to VFX-postproduction.

12k-Medieninstallation für BOSCH WORLD CONVENTION

More than reality


We at Traumwelt think beyond the conventions of what is present and available today. Augmented reality refers to the blending of real life and virtual life and enables the insertion of virtual text information, graphics or animations into a real-life camera image.

A play with technology, but no child’s play: Augmented reality tells your story in a new and fresh way. As Traumwelt creates a launching pad for your ideas rather than a mere information panel, you become a part of the brand environment in which you operate.

And in this way, our viewers not only soak up our projects, but comprehend the whole message.