We at Traumwelt master the technical know-how of innovative moving-image productions just as well as sensible and custom-fit storytelling. We create corporate films that suit your concept, advertising films that turn target groups into customers, educative media that captivate and teach, documentations that fascinate and feature films that engrave themselves in the viewer’s mind.

We arrange exhibition stands, interpretational design and media architecture for diverse locations and with effective scenography: The media leave their channel and become part of an architectural vision. For the strength of exhibition design and event staging lies in the viewer himself, who chooses what he wants to focus on. And thus, he becomes part of the story that we impart, using audiovisual media, touchscreens, interactive tools and sound installations. Just like the different acts in a stage play, we gradually unleash suspense – suspense that is experienced tangibly and virtually.

Multimedia meets project relation.

Traumwelt stands for the creative fusion of zeitgeist and tradition. In close partnership with you we work to realize your vision. And in the course of this cooperation, we develop the measures that match your company’s communication objectives: corporate design, microsite production, branded content, online campaigns. The Traumwelt team strives to realize client-oriented PR measures as well as multimedial and conversational marketing.

Today, interactive media make up an essential part of timely marketing and entertainment. Versed in the channels needed to inform about news, we are sensitive to current trends. We passionately work to find just the right system, software tool or functional app at just the right time and place. Our enthusiasm for technical innovation drives us to a goal-oriented development and implementation of the respective content – thus suiting you and the medium.